5AM in Montreal

Bruno Savoie
2 min readDec 17, 2023
Montreal, Mont-Real, The Mountain of Real is where we reside.

I came up feeling like I just couldn’t do this shit,


In my mind doubting my abilities and shit,

Like how I could live up to everything I’ve ever anticipated,

You know,

The life of dreams,

Like that shits a dream,

How could it be here with me,

More than just a dream,

But you know,

I’m more than what I seem,

In the midst of the scene,

I prefer not to be seen,



Don’t even like the screens,


I’m just,

Constantly in the middle of,

Thinking about what life would be like if,

I had all that I dreamed,

And being so satisfied with who I am,

Just enough as I am now,


Does that make me less than ambitious,

Or somehow below average,

Like I’m just chilling,

But I also wanna accomplish all this Life-changing shit,

At the same time,

So god-damn what’s the end of the line,

Like when is my time,

And when will I get my opportunity to show all of the lines I’ve been trying,

All the times I’ve been crying,


This shit keep getting crazier and crazier,

And it’s not getting any easier,

I’m just a lil prettier,

Like am I in a fever-dream,

Sometimes this shit doesn’t seem as it appears,

Like the dream doesn’t just appear,

You gotta work for it,

You gotta sacrifice like so much other work for it,

Like is this shit even worth it,

Is sometimes what I wonder,

I wonder so much but I really have nothing to show for it,

Like God damn,

I just want to be rich,

And show some love to those that have been closest,

Since the beginning to the closings,

Don’t know where I’m going,

But trust the process,

Like I know It’s inevitable,

Gotta be rewarded for the discipline,

It’s incredible,

All these comings and goings,

Like the ebb and the flow,

Gotta learn to let go,

I just wanna be at home,

Settle a lil kingdom,

And be seated at my throne,

You know I’m far gone,

Like way beyond,

In the zone from time to time I find myself so alone,

Like gotta get out of the bubble I done created for myself to be left alone,

And I gotta get out of my zone,

To much time spent on the phone,

Need more time just present in the ozone,

This planet so gorgeous I’m blown away,

But I throw away,

All of the pieces that keep me connected,

Just searching for peace of mind gotta keep disconnected,

Just flourishing at my own pace gotta stay focused,

I’m just on my own till I’m all grown,

And it will all be for the homies you know the home grown.