A few things I wrote about art, my art, the soul, emotions, the sadness and the happiness which coexist and give depth to our lives

1) My warm exercise is quite simple, for I don’t wish to force myself into a creative state necessarily. I kind of call out to it, invite it to take over, and present to it my curiosity, and if it deems it worthy, it will demonstrate its dancing, its rhythmic expression of words and music, the art, the secrets, at the depths of the soul, it is available to all, if one can surrender themselves. The “I” believes itself to be so intelligent and full of knowledge, but that’s nonsensical knowledge which is superfluous, and will dissolve in time. Search for the timeless, that which excites your soul, and when you give way to it, you truly see the invasive magic of its choreography.

2) What is art? Well damn, it’s quite the complex question if one thinks too much, they can go on all day deciphering this, speaking of the different forms, of the different approaches, of the different cultures, of the myriad of peculiarities, but it’s also quite simple. Life is one big demonstration of art, cliché I know, but what more can you want. Look at the splendor of it all, it’s like a moving art show, which reveals itself in so many intricate forms, the detail is astonishing, dumbfounding, ungraspable, the mind tries to wrap its head around it but cannot, you just end up with a migraine if you scrutinize it all. If one can just observe, and see it as it is, whatever that may be, you will see its like a dance, which shows all of its different embodied potential. Art is a getting closer to this dance, true art I must say, selfless art, is almost a spiritual practice to relinquish the little “me”, and deepen your relationship with this movement of life, to allow it to work through you, so that you can get to know it, and gradually become it’s lover. If that makes any sense at all.

3) I’ve always been a bit suspicious, reprehensive about editing, for I feel that the first draft is in its most honest form, its most present form, the form which represents your current state of being best, but I’ve reconsidered a little bit. I think the first draft of something can be a work of genius, for a creative spark may come along that fades away and does not sustain itself enough to inspire editing as well. A first draft, or a sincere expression of all that one is feeling at the moment, and unraveling of the boxes which contain your little psychological secrets which you’ve hidden, if all that is laid out in the first draft, then it is a work of art, and perhaps revision is unnecessary. But, if one feels that honesty is further divulged and not manipulated as the editing process unfolds, then by all means do it, refine it so that it is a crystal-clear expression of your ideas, whatever they may be. Just complete the work of art, see it through to its end, if it calls you, beckons you, and enlivens your spirit, do so earnestly, and think of the editing process as a greater investigation of yourself, a completion of your unpacking, and give the packages you’ve been carrying a new home, crystalized in this piece of art.

4) Emotions are so vivid you know, it’s like a whole world inside of yourself, which sucks you in, and explodes you, it’s really quite bamboozling, how we feel stuff inside of us, metaphysical stuff we can say, intangible, but manifests itself in our body as if it had a life of its own. If only we knew how to listen to our heart when it cried for our hugs, for just a little inward look, an embracing of your fallibility and deep sensitivities as a human, and listen to what the emotions have to tell you. Really, they are natural reactions to life, an expression of the life within you, which needs to be expressed tremendously and honestly, so as to release it and not hold on to it. You may try to protect yourself from it, as have I, many times, too many times, I’ve felt in my heart a sadness which I did not want to look at for fear of self-destruction, but listen to it, and cry if you must, for it will guide you in a constructive direction.



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