Bruno Savoie
2 min readDec 30, 2022

Here I am,

Brought back,

To where it began,

What a space,

A place,

An ‘espace’,

Like a,

Little cocoon,

Out of which,

I start everyday,

My room,

I’ve cleaned it here,


I’ve created more space,

And I can breathe now,

I can work here now,

And look up to see,

Little images which remind,


Of the beauty I’ve experienced in this life,

It feels like perhaps,

It is from here that I will find,

What I am looking for,

In this writing,

In this linguistic inquisition,

In the piano,

In the music,

In the arts,

In the diametric of the fabrication of my mental landscape,


Think about that for a second,

You’re absolutely right,

It makes no sense,


As it all is,

So Allow it to enamor you,


Be moved deeply by the mystery,

Be expanded and devastated by your First Love,

Be reminiscent of your,

Happiest memories,

And those which are most hurtful to your heart,

I sit here,

I’ve returned,

To where,

I came from,

I am,

Just a moving piece of life,

Nothing more,

Nothing less,

I can talk,

And talk,

Or I can be quiet,

And say nothing,

Either of which,

Has no particular meaning,


I do enjoy,

Silence more,

Than straining my voice to speak,

I don’t like speaking very much,

Not at all really for the most part,

Not sure,

What that’s about,

But still,

I suppose,

I’m required to do so,

In this world,

So I’ll speak for you all,

I express,

I’ll vocalize my feelings,

In this way,

If it does anything for the world,


I’m not quite sure,


I’m the only one,

Who sees this as a valuable experiment in expression,

That would be okay,

It would be,

I don’t know,

Really if I can change the world,

I know I could do less damage to the world,

And I know I could be a caring person,

I know I could write about my feelings,

And offer my kindness to others and myself,

These things I do know,

And cherish,

These things,


I hope they can bring with them a light,

At least,

Just a little candle,

It doesn’t have to be a radiant star,

It can be a little candle,


In a profoundly darkened cavern,

This one candle,

Could illuminate quite a lengths of space,

It can,

So do,

At least have this candle my friend,

You never know just how helpful it may be,

Keep it in your heart always,

Have it ready,


Take care,

Of you,