Alone Again

Bruno Savoie
2 min readMay 18, 2023
Thorfinn the warrior poet!

I don’t know about you guys,


It’s in my lonest moments,

That I feel most alive,

There is something,


In those deepest moments of myself,

There is no denying,

That the King is alone at the top of his throne,

That’s not the most desirable position,

For myself at least,

But I don’t see it that way,

The King is in fact,

The Role Model for his people,

Through a learning from his people,

The King can only be a king,

A valid King,

By knowing what it means to suffer and live as a people,

And thus,

The King never truly feels lonely,

As He guides his people,

He may feel alone,

But never lonely,

The aloneness,

May be the secret to his power,

In that he does not fear,

This solitary position,

In fact,

The solitary one is most sensitive,

And most attentive,

Isn’t that what is required of a great King,

The warrior poet,

One so close to the vulnerability of human experience,

That they recognize the importance of their positon,

In relation to their peoples,

They are so close to death,

That they live spendidly,

They write poetry,

As an expression of joy to this life,

And shed the tears,

Of any alive being grieving the loss of a loved one,

The King,

Is not the isolated one,

The one whom has never been exposed to the wonderous sufferings of the world,

But has lived them,

Written about them,

Bled the blood of anyone,

Shed the tears of everyone,

And held the joy,

Of the ceremony of living.