An account of my creative process while writing a poem about music, which ended up being better than the actual poem haha.

Bruno Savoie
3 min readApr 24, 2021


My warm up exercises consisted of entering a calm state of mind, an unprotective state of mind in order to let out the emotions that have been trapped within me for quite a while now. I meditate, trying to consciously let go of the barrier which I’ve created for my inner-child of creativity, the creative butterfly within, which is enveloped in a cocoon, but wishes so intently to break free and show itself to the world. I listen to music which stirs me up and rumbles my being in order to make a crack in this cocoon so that even a glimpse of this inner child can come out.

What your writing intention was for this session:

We often put-up barriers, self protective barriers, we feel that there is something within us which should not be exposed for we fear ridicule, and an attack to this sensitive little child within. The little child is very creative though, so creative in fact, that he or she is a genius, a genius which is untarnished by guilt or malaise about adulting and future planning of financial security. A child that is unapologetically himself, he may be shy, timid, a natural temperament of introversion, or may be overtly brave and audacious, wherever he may be placed on the spectrum of comportment, the child feels himself as whole, and almost selfishly himself. This child is forever within one, but due to time and fear of being left behind, we seek to comply to the demands of school, professions and societal life, and thus this child is left behind, paradoxically. Thus, my creative practice is an attempt to let this child out, by meditating, letting go of the illusory barriers that I’ve assembled, listening to music which pokes at the child and prompts him to emerge from his cave. My writing intention for this session was to write about this feeling that music gives me, the unprecedented soulful uplifting which occurs when diving deep in musical waters.

What you ended up writing:

I ended up writing a little poem about the wave of feeling that is music, the creative expression that it is, the artful dance of vibration which glistens, enlivens, and brightens anything which it touches. If a certain devotion, and intention of love, a heartful focus to the craft, is applied to the creative process, it can be felt as almost transcendental by the creator and the listener. It can be a spiritual experience, to explore something to its depth, to entwine yourself with the movement of music, to embrace it as if you are riding it gracefully, only light can come from this, a hopeless darkness may shroud you sometimes, in fear of being rejected for your craft or worries about your “actual talents”, but if persevered, one finds the light at the end of the tunnel. Only divinity can be found at the end of something, for it is the root, even deeper, that which sustains the root, the water, the soil, the seed, the ingredients which manufactures life at its core, the fundamental building blocks of the universe. If the creative practice is approached with this much reverence and devotion, only God can be found at its end, and when such a realization permeates your being, a brightness will come to your eyes, a twinkle, and amusing feeling that you’ve found something which you’ve always known, but are now fully dancing with it as you express your creative inclinations, you are apart of it in a way, as if you’ve fused with the universal creative process. Quite bamboozling, isn’t it?

Intentions, decisions, insights, that came to you during this writing session, either about this piece of writing, or your own creative process:

I have a great affinity for music, it moves me and stirs my soul at times.