Bruno Savoie
Sep 25, 2023

I’m back,

I guess,

Where’d I go?


It’s not so important where I’ve been,

Or what I’ve been doing,

Things have changed though,

Things have taken a certain direction,

A momentum is building,

And I’d like to,

Ride the wave,

So to say,

Books have been read,

Thoughts have ruminated,


I’ve been true to myself,

In all its quirky habits,

I’ve wondered for a long while,

Do we have a fundamental kind of personality,

An unfluctuating base,

Or are we always suscetible to change,

And if so,

Well then,

What’s the substance of this reality,

The more I look into Buddhist worldviews,

The more it becomes clear,

That homeboy was onto something,

If someone can overcome horniness,

I’ll admit to their supremacy,

I’m certainly not there yet,

Girls, Girls, Girls, are absolutely magnificent and special flowers.