Bruno Savoie
1 min readSep 13, 2022

I’d rather go blind,

Than lose sight,

Of what is truly important,

Revoke my sight,

But give me insight,

Allow me to be clear in,

My minds eyes,

What is truly to be valued,

The external sweetness,

Has no comparison,

To the melodious ocean of nectar,

Which submerges you in it’s juicy, juicy benediction,

Originating in source,

In source



What does that mean?


I am free,

Though factors of the out,

Wish to compel me into their spell,


I am,

That’s all,

It’s a simple kind of riddle,

Though it may seem extraordinarily bizarre,

Tis actually a simple thing,



You are choosing compassion, and love,

Rather than egoic accumulation,

This is why the path seems hard,

Seemingly the world is against you ,

Though is that actually true,

That which you’ve cultivated,

Your so called compassion and love,

Weren’t these things cultivated,

On the basis of interaction,

Between yourself,

And the external world,

As it presents itself to you,

Isn’t the outer world,

Showing you exactly,

Just what it really means,

To Love unconditionally,