Boxing ❤

Bruno Savoie
2 min readDec 7, 2023
Me (on the left in red) About to smash my opponents head in.

Boxing fascinates me,

It thoroughly does,

Why is that?

Well, firstly,

I’ve been in the ring numerous time,

My brain,

Bouncing back and forth in my head,


Probably responsible for my memory loss,

As I get older,

And for that blank look in my eyes,

As though I we’re soulless,



I love boxing,

It’s exhilarating,

Not only for the pure aggression,

And strength of spirit,

Which the fighters show,

But for the strategic approach to boxing,

That some undertake,


I’m so impressed by boxers,

My blood boils,

My spine tingles,

And I’m reminded for a glimpsing moment,

Just what greatness can look like,

If one spends countless of hours,

To become the best at something,

It’s doable,


Though it requires discipline,

10,000 hours they say,

Is needed to master something,

I’ve done the calculations

It would take one about 1 hour of training,

5 days a week,

For 45 years,

To attain this level of mastery,

It’s doable if you think about it,

Just stick to it,

That’s all,

And feel the freedom which discipline brings,


I get this sense,

Whenever I watch a fantastic performance of boxing,

As the boxers,

Savagely engage in consensual violence,

There is one who displays a clearly stronger desire to win,

There's a flame of passion,

Which burns so strongly,

The opponent shrivels in comparison,

And it’s truly compelling to watch,

And also,

It’s compelling to bash heads in,


Also, girls find boxers cute ;)