Bruno Savoie
2 min readJun 28, 2023

If my life was a book,

What chapter would I be at,


I guess,

I’m coming to the end of the chapter though,

If you think of your life as a book,

One which you’d like to read,


You’d be more inclined to make it into a captivating story,

The genre of mine would be,

Romance, coming of age, philosophical,

Something like that,

What kind of book do you like,

And what kind of character would you like to be,

You have the ability to cultivate the personality which you would like to be,

In 21 years,

I can say,

It feels like I only recently gained consciousness,

Or something like this,

Rather than moving at an automated pace,

At 18,

Something revealed itself in me,

A spark of sorts,

Which has propelled me towards,


Slowly and intentionally,

A life which represents,

One of awareness rather than avoidance,

Discovering the motivations behind my ambitions,

Are they insecurities,

Mostly wanting to accomplish things,

Due to a feeling of inadequacy in your simply existing?

Or are they deliberate,



Enacted aware of the impact wanted to be created from this,

Or done simply as a consequence of unconscious impulses?

A life from which my soul can be spring boarded towards it’s,

Most magnificent potential,

Think of the Rosicrucians,

Whom believe the symbol for this physical incarnation is that of a Black cross with seven roses,

We are crucified in this life,

To bear the weight of this physical body and the suffering, and feelings which this brings,

But furthermore,

There is a precious opportunity in this life,

To develop,

And cultivate ones spirit,

The body is the vehicle to learn,

To Grow,

And cultivate these roses,

So as to make them blossom,

The body is at once a curse,

And a blessing,

One must alchemize the curse into a blessing,

See the blessing in the curse,

This is how the soul grows,

It’s an intentional process,

One can rigorously do this,

An intense exploration of what it means to be human,

In it’s littleness,

And grandness,

See it,

Clearly in this moment,

The potential of that which you are is in fact boundless!