Bruno Savoie
2 min readSep 12, 2022



Is an invitation

To get closer

Closer to what?

You may ask,


That’s the catch,

That’s for you to know,

And cherish,

You know,

That most invigorating thing,

That which ignites you,



I’ve thought about this,

A little bit,

But perhaps,

In order to find such a thing,

One may think to themselves,

What would they sacrifice ejaculation,

In order,

To retain this in their lives,


What’s better than a orgasm,

Well, I know for myself,

What it is,

Though for you,

What might that be,

Get closer to this,


Little by little,

Step by step,

Breathe by Breathe,

One round at a time,

You proceed,


It’s rather ridiculous sometimes,

The things we take seriously,

We don’t have that much time!

This life time,

Is limited,

So what is it that you chose to value,

For your Self,

Only your-Self knows this,

Nothing external to you,

No outsourcing,


Closer and closer,

That gravitational pull,

Can only bring you closer,

For that’s how love works,

Isn’t it like a mom hugging her child,

That’s gravity,

That’s the law of nature,

The sun rising unmistakably everyday,

For earth to be warmed,


Like the mother unto her child,

What name to give this law,

It’s natures law,

The binding and the breaking,

Of the whole of it,

The heart feels it too,

As it binds,


And from this emerges,

The Law which is that,



You know,


God damn,

That’s what it is,

What else,

Could it be,


It keeps it all together,


With no complaints,

Though the whole of it,

Is exaggeratedly perfect,

As though the Creator we’re showing off,

The unequivocal intelligence of creation,

Like a spark,

It ignites the whole,

Like dynamite,

A magnanimous, orchestral source of energy is needed,

So the rapture of life can sustain itself,

You know,

What’s that?

What can it be other than a gentle,

Kind of song,

Keeping it all synchronous,

And pristinely melodious,