Bruno Savoie
2 min readMar 2, 2023
Spiral power, the spirit of humanity, the spirit of all things. You drill is the drill that pierces the heavens!

There's a power,

That binds us all,

It sizzles,

It speaks through us all,

In certain moments,

Don’t ask me what those moments are,

I haven’t got a clue,

The only thing I know,


You are not crazy for believing in a world more wonderful than this one,

For it exists,

And it is right in the center of you,

It is up to me,

To project that inherent kingdom,

And live by it,

That is my sole responsibility,


How can I have been so lucky?

I often ask,

It’s a funny thing,

This whole,


It’s like a soft piano,

Inviting rest,

It’s the jazzy rhythm,

It’s the ecstatic saxophone,

InSPIRITING one to dance,



It’s the sad, sad, songs,

As well as the ones that remind you,

That life is a celebration,

In all of its forms,

And emptinesses,

Perhaps take solace,

In a library,

And discover books,

See what they communicate to you,

For they are full,


Full of voices,

The voices of humanity,

Are imprinted in each page,

And they impart something of the special binding force,

That unites us all,

What is it called,

I wonder,

Read enough books,

And you may just find out..

That’s what I believe at least.