Your greatest Fantasy,

Is your God dream,


Ideal reality,

In which you are everything,

You’ve ever dreamed yourself to be,

This is,

Your most beautiful self,

This is not the dream,

Which your mind wishes for,

In order to feel secure,

But the dream,

Which your spirit,


In order,

To bamboozle the mind,

Into silence,

When your spirit has guided you,


A place,


You’ve always dreamed of,


Are still,

In disbelief of,

Your mind,

Will have no choice but to obey,

Trust spirit,

Feed spirit,

Let it,

Appease the mind,

Do your thing,

Your thing,

Perhaps the world is awakening,

Not to sound too new agey,

But it feels,

Like more and more people,

Are experimenting,

With Creativity,


The magic,

Of creativity,

Perhaps realizing,

With there real eyes in,

The mind’s eye,

One sees,

All the wonder of what life can be,

Limited thinking,

Limited belief,

Yes of the mind,

But also of the body,

The whole body,


And registers,

The trauma,


Habituated thinking,

We subject ourselves too,

We become,

The creation of our belief,

But we are much more,

So much more,

Just feel,

This for even,

Just one moment,

One minute,

Per day,


This feeling,

Put your practiced skepticism,

To the side for a second,

And let your heart feel,

That you have,


Trust for yourself,

And in God’s plan for you,

You do the work,

And let God,

Take care of the rest.

God Bless,

Take care,




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