Hii Power

Bruno Savoie
Jan 1, 2024

It’s the devotion to addressing your relationship to the high power,

Which makes you have right posture,

Shows you how to say hi proper,

Shows you your high power,

Like hi power,

You know the die proper live proper,

Vibe proper,

I cannot even begin to described the depth of the power,

Which I discovered through simple humility,

I have no power,

But God bless this life it’s got high power,

And through the depth of my admitting how I cannot begin to fathom the intelligence which created this existences,

You know the exquisiteness,

The depth of my devotion,

I can become a conduit for the higher power,

Expresses the highest orchestra like I’m paying attention to the conductor,

The great creator,

You know what the vibe is.