Homesick for another world

Bruno Savoie
1 min readMar 23


Me and My handsome doggo Luce ;p


I feel terribly sick,


For another world,

Or something like this,

Like I look around me,

And identify with none of it,

In fact it nauseates me sometimes,

To think of living in a cycle of mundanity,


It upsets my tummy,

And I find myself longing for another place,

The place which I come from,

Or the place which I truly belong too,

As though,

As my soul was being directed to my destination,

To my rightful incarnation,

I took a wrong turn somewhere,

And ended up,

In this totally incomprehensible dimension,

In this person called Bruno,

With a totally baffling mind,

With unquenchable curiosities,

And in fact,

Though the prospect of never finding belonging, and love, in this absurd world,

Petrifies this boy,

He still has an interminable,

Basically infinite wonderment,

Towards the makings of this world,

And has decided for himself,

That he may as well,

Make the most of his experience here,

Learning day to day humans,

Good luck to all my sisters and brothers,

Lets to better.



And forever more, I give thanks to the unquantifiable, totally unfathomable, intelligence which has orchestrated this dance which we all live and stumble through in a most riveting fashion.