How far I’ve come, the person I am today is almost unrecognizable, though it feels like this person, is a person who has grown or matured to see that love is an inherent quality, rather than a state having to be pursued, and thus can sit quietly in the lap of this love, or something like this. The words I’m using here cannot fully encapsulate this feeling which holds the entirety of the complexified simplicity of the cosmos. Indeed, it’s ravishing, like an enchanting piano sonata, like the radiance of the sun illuminating my little living room, and enlivening my little plants, a simple brilliance, my little dog, staring ponderously out the window, somewhat uncanny, the way this dog can stare at something so thoughtfully. This dog of mine, how bizarre, unlike any other dog I’ve met, and how lucky I am to have received this one, to be responsible for its health, and well-being, to be able to care for it, and show it, perhaps, as far as I can in my own little ways, what it means to be loved. Perhaps, that’s the responsibility one has in this little life, simply being an example of love, if that’s an overly romantic idealizing of this life journey, please pardon my imprudence, though I’m starting to notice in myself, this is what it means to live. Why live, if one is not in love, so thoroughly fascinated by the unsolvable patterns of this most enchanting, and captivating puzzle which we call life. Some part of me wishes so anxiously to have it all and be in complete control, for everything to be in a comprehensible order, though this may very well be a preposterous delusion, perhaps what’s more real, is an even greater wish to surrender completely to the miraculous, and unpredictable benediction which life has to offer. Waking up from sleep is a wonderful thing, for you are now becoming conscious of your day’s potential, and if you listen closely, behind the little chatter of your mind, you’ll find a curiosity, a deeply-rooted one. The seed of all your little behavioral plants , is in fact a most compelling curiosity.


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