Land of Mystery,

Or something like this,

I’m speaking here,

More about a metaphorical,

Land of Mystery,

A mountain,

Which is in fact,

At the pinnacle of your own,



It’s the moutain,

Which you are continuously escalating,

As you overcome the days obstacles,

Every little thing,

Is a step closer,

And closer,

To this land of mystery,

Like the Himalayan Mountains,

Or Shivas home,

Said to dwell deep,

In an isolated area of the Himalayas,

And only those,

With keen eyes,

With eyes attuned to the dimension of seeing which is beyond physical constraints,

Can notice this abode,

Though one need not travel all the way to Tibet,

Or Nepal,

To do so,

In fact,

It’s all in here,


You know,

The vast landscape of your imagination,

Is something absolutely ludicrous,

It’s like the electrical circuits are constructing buildings of impressive tenacity,

There’s an elasticity to this process,

And this is something utterly magnifying,

As though with every attempt to articulate something,

In a certain way,

Theres a deeper and deeper search within myself which is required,

And indeed, this deeper and deeper, is reversibly,

A climbing higher and higher,

Toward this land of mystery,


Surprisingly invigorating,

It surprises me,


The extent of my unknown nature,

And the power which lies in this area of myself.


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