It’s bless,

See it for what it is,

And it cannot cause you stress,

But I still stress,

I stress,

Think about my future,

My past,

Even my present,

Or my concept of the present,

Causes me anguish,

At times,

Why is that,

Well something within me,



A part of me,

That has existed for a long time,

Which remains hidden in my psyche,

What are you?,

The part of me that is ashamed,

And timid,

Fearful of being itself,

It’s been there,

But also,

A greatness exists,


Its there,

And I feel it expanding,

Overwhelmingly at times,

A prisoner,

Which has been entrapped for far too long now,

It’s time to let it out,

Whatever it may be,

I urge you,

I implore you,

To show yourself,

I love you,

I really do,

And I wish to help you,


And live,

Life to your ripest self.


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