Little Boy in The dark

Little boy,

Can’t you see,

You’ve created an illusory reality for yourself,

You have,

For so long,

Thought yourself to be,



In any strength,

You’ve thought yourself to be,

Disgraceful even,

Unworthy of life’s treasures,

You’ve painted your world,

With a shade of darkness,

And melancholy is what you feel,

When the sun is shining,

You feel as though it is raining,

You feel as though you are missing,

This love,

Which you search for,

You feel as though,

You’ve been misunderstood,

And that even your friends,

Take pity on you,

You feel,

All these things,


Ocean of feeling,

Is immense,

It is an immense ocean,

And you have not been able to,

Navigate it so clearly,

So ask for help,

From time to time,



And ask for love,

You know you deserve it right?

You know,

There it is,

The feeling,

The love,

Don’t think so hard about it,

Be you own best friend,

My friend,

Love yourself,

Or realize,

That your self,

Is loved,

And that this love,

Is actually you,

At your,





I pray you fill me with love,

And let my eyes see the light of day,

My mind feel the rest of night,

And my heat feel the love of birth,

The birth of love,

From love,

Is birthed,



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