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2 min readMay 25


Just chilling lol

Making decisions,

Is something of a mystery,

Because there's not really a guide,

To being yourself,

And making decisions as yourself,

That’s what’s bewildering,


It’s terrifying,

Every decision,

Is a step into an unknown,

But that seems to be the secret,

At least to an extent,

It’s a secret because I don’t know what it is,

And in fact,

This makes it all the more wonderful,

Knowing something,

Will mostly make it bland and colorless,

But in the mystery,

There is bountiful color,

Just like these words,

I write timidly,

I enjoy them,

Because they are a mystery to me as well,

In fact,

They are subterranean almost,

Originate from a place,

Quite unknown,

Which is a decision I’ve made for myself,

To live with the fear,

Of walking,

Through this subterranean cave,

But not to live in the fear,


I am a master of my own fear,

And have learned to live with it,

For most of my years on this planet,

And I would say my most exhilarating and rewarding moments,

We’re in exploring a possibility in spite of the fear of it ending up disastrous,

I suppose that’s the fundamental fear,

And it can be paralyzing,

Knowing you are doing something,

And you haven’t got a clue where it will lead you,


I’d like to reiterate,

This is in fact,

That which is so magical,

About all this,

It’s fresh,

And all so curious,


It is a constant discovery,


My religion,

If I do have one,

Is one of reverence for the unknown,

That is existence,.


I’m off to the gym now,

Stepping out into this great big world,

Going to Portugal soon,


Lot’s of new books,

Building wonderful relationships,

And simply seeing this existence as one worth living for what it is.

That’s all,

Though this is no small statement,

Re-read it.



Bruno Savoie

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