Bruno Savoie
2 min readMay 28, 2023
My friend Sajeevan and I being horny with his dog.

What is this self,

We are all,

Quite obsessed with,

We pitter patter,

About this and that,

Like little dizzy,


Buzzing around,

Not quite self-assured,

But rather convinced,

We are simply the self,

In this complexity,

In this confusion,

We never quite investigate the workings,

Of this self,

And how it came to be,

And how we came to acquire,

This sense of self,


Than it being a fixed thing,


I’m not quite sure actually,


I think of myself as this spiritually inclined person,

But what does this mean,

Is it not an expression,

Of this illusive self,

Which I’ve investigated,

Am I not,

The stupid ass bitch boy that hurts people which I’ve tried not to become for all my life,

I’ve ran away most of my life,

From the inevitable reality,

Of my bitch-ness,


I know I’ll always be myself,

And I’ve still got so many questions,

And well,

I’m just a basic guy,

With basic curiosities,


We all have these questions,

But I’ve decided to see them through,


Life is at it’s fundamental level,

A question,

A basic curiosity,

Towards its makings,

Is the basic,

State of things,

This is the nature,

I’m coming to see,

A fundamental inquisition,

Let’s be fish,

Let’s be selves,

Let’s break out of our shelves.

Let’s eat pussy.