Silence, could be the best conversation, indeed, situations in which it feels natural to be silent, just attentive to the subtle beatings of your hearts for one another, something like this, at least to me, a space wherein you feel comfortable to be silent, for it is truly in the silence that most is revealed about oneself. To me, this is a relieving kind of silence, for I am not naturally a very talkative person, rather, I think most of my time is spent in conversation with myself, within myself, in solitary introspection of matters which are ridiculous, or revolutionary, it all depends, for in most cases, I’ve found the ridiculous is the precursor, or even the propellor for revolutionary ideas. Anyways, in the space, or lap of silence, in the embrace rather, of a silent relationship, whereby words, are secondary, rudimentary even, compared to the affection which is shared by way of a silent embrace. Gosh, how cheesy is that, but I’m sticking by it, I won’t retreat from this statement, I’ve said it with all my heart, and I truly do believe it to be essential, a wonderful silence, a feeling that words are not needed, they cannot capture the affection of which my heart feels, and beats, it’s a subtle communication that can only be heard by the silence. For, really, I’m quite poor when it comes to expressing myself, at least in an instantaneous and momentary kind of way. If someone asks me, ‘How are you doing Bruno’, I’d not be so sure of any answer I give, because it’s a multi-dimensional feeling, what this ‘how are you doing’ invokes, and so I’d probably think about it, and the person asking the question would grow impatient, and probably say, ‘Geez, it’s not a hard question’. To me, it almost seems like an absurd question, how can a simple answer, such as good or bad, sum up, the totality of my feelings, which are so ludicrously subtle, and unpredictable, like an effervescent stream of fish, swimming, not so sure where they are going, but driven by instinct, or a natural kind of desire to arrive at someplace, or simply to find something to eat, they must move to live.

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