Well Damn.

I’ve been a bit,


Maybe even cynical,

These past few days,

I guess you can see it,

In my poetry recently

Whomever may read these,

You may not be many,


I hope that with my words,

I can point you towards,

Your deeper origin,

And that is always,

My intention,

When writing these poems,

I am not,

A mystique,

Or a magician,

But a hopeful,


Of life,

And our potential,

To grow splendidly,

And ripen as fruits,

Of this galaxy,

One must be firm,

In their belief,

That they can,

Continuously grow,

The growth mindset,

I’d much prefer calling it,

The surrender mindset,

For in surrendering,

To the life process itself,

One can only grow,

This is nature,




And Thrives,

On growth!


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