Zeus God of Thunder,

Strike me Down,

Enlighten me,


Strike me down,

Electrify me,

Show me how to trust,

That all such seemingly,

Perplexing situations,

Are actually that which energizes,

That which strikes one,

As utterly,


May be the kind of antidote,

To arrogance,

To being distrustful of cosmic intelligence,

Overly self-absorbed,

One is stunned by the utter bamboozlement of events,

So as to be sat down,

And shown,

The subtle,

And utterly gorgeous workings,

Of this intellegencia,

The central intelligence permeates to all things,

You as well,

Though you must put aside your distrust,

And simply trust,


And this is my simple thought on the matter,

God shall grant that which is most illuminating for you,


Like Indra,

Striking you with a piercing thunder bolt,

To open the vault of your chest,

So as to pour out your hearts remorse,

In an egregiously painful way,

Though all this,

To unlock your hearts most wonderful treasures,

Strike me down,

And show me the path,

It’s in there somewhere,

That’s for sure,

In the music,

In the trees,

In the showers,

In the friendships,

In the lovers,

It’s so apparent,

It can only be,

You know,

The wordless,

I’ve got not much else to say,

In fact,

It feels like writing,


Is like stretching,

An already elaborately flexible cosmos,

Unnecessary and straining,



I can bring a little bit of clarity in doing so,

I hope,

That’s all,

My hope,

Is to clarify,





Be a light bearer,

Of some thing,

You know,

That’s my only wish,


If we are to excavate all the other,


and superfluous,



The fundamental wish,

To be found,

Is most likely that of light,

And this light is of overwhelming puissance,

It’s really that,

In all of my endeavors,

My emotional misgivings,

All my pulsion's,

I’m me you know,

And that’s all I can be,

Though perhaps the boundaries of this me,

Are quite immense,

You know,


Unconfinable, unlimited

In nature,

Much larger,


Than we tend to think,

We are humungous,

The bounds of our potential,

It’s breathlessly goregous,

You just gotta be willing to see it,


Das it.



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